What We Support

Ending MOCO's Monopoly


Allowing county retailers and restaurants to purchase alcohol from distributors of their choice ending the unnecessary redtape and costs that hamper business development.

Providing Consumers Choice


Allowing adult MOCO consumers freedom of choice -to choose from a free market of beverage retailers, bars and restaurants of all types and sizes, for their alcohol purchases subject to reasonable regulation and zoning - just as consumers next-door and across the Nation enjoy.

Revenue Adjustments


Establishing financial arrangements between the State of Maryland and Montgomery County to make up any of the $25-30 million shortfall from lessened county alcohol sales after modernizing MOCO's alcohol laws.

Reasonable Transition


Transitioning  DLC employees to good public or private sector jobs and providing a reasonable time for businesses affected by the change to adjust to a free market.   

Even Greater Choices


Encouraging not discouraging craft breweries, distilleries and vineyards to locate in appropriate areas of the County so MOCO consumers can enjoy a wider array of choices from these companies as do consumers in many fine areas of the nation.

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