Bad for Business


The Monopoly and the Alcohol Laws Harm Businesses and Offer Them No Benefits Whatsoever. They:

  1. Force County restaurants and beer and wine stores to order all of their alcohol from the County's Department of Liquor Control  (DLC) rather than from private suppliers who may offer greater variety and efficiency and lower prices.
  2. Undermine the ability of these County businesses to compete with businesses in neighboring jurisdictions considering the County's increased costs and red tape. Restaurant owners and retailers have countless horror stories about their interactions with the DLC but they all have a common theme: Even despite recent changes, the DLC makes it difficult for them to get the products their customers want at competitive prices. 
  3. Prohibit nearly all grocery stores, convenience stores and larger stores like Costco and Sam's from selling alcoholic beverages in the County denying greater variety and lower cost choices to consumers.
  4. Cause many restaurant operators and other businesspersons that could sell alcohol in Montgomery County  to leave or avoid locating in the County altogether. Other areas simply do not have this unneeded and senseless layer of red tape.


VOCAL MOCO Strongly Supports County Businesses

  1. VOCAL MOCO supports an end to the monopoly that will free County businesses from having to pay the DLC markup and allow them to choose wholesalers other than the DLC.
  2. VOCAL MOCO also supports granting retail stores the ability to sell liquor as well as beer and wine.
  3. While Vocal MOCO supports allowing consumers to purchase alcohol from retailers of all sizes, subject to reasonable licensing and zoning requirements, it recognizes that a transition period to a freer private market may be necessary.